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Here are some of our more recent press releases - telling stories we think are of interest to the garden and business press. You are welcome to use any or all of these files. Should you need images, wish to set up interviews or be looking for additional information please contact us.

05.11 The Story of VIVA! (Pt 2)
What's New for Your Garden in 2011

04.11 The Story of VIVA! (Pt 1)
Choosing the best in Breed for Your Garden

04.11 VIVA! Calypos Callas

04.11 VIVA! Lily Looks - Asiatic Lilies

03.11 VIVA! Strawberry Zest Petunias

03.11 Floragem Offers New Lily Variety

02.11 VIVA! Rhythm & Blues Petunias

02.11 VIVA! Sky Rocket Pennisetum

02.11 VIVA! Sunpatiens New Color

02.11 VIVA! Snapdragons

07.10 Medal of Excellence, Greenhouse Grower

07.10 Putting Plants First, Greenhouse Grower

04.10 Top Trends for the Garden This Summer

04.10 Get Your Green Thumbs Ready

04.10 SuperVinca!

04.10 Lemon Zest Leads to Orange Zest

04.10 BIG ORANGE is the New BIG RED

03.10 Add Some Garden Zing with New 'Zest'

03.10 Not Your Everyday Petunias, VIVA! Rhythm and Blues Petunia

03.10 VIVA! Rhythm and Blues Petunia

03.10 VIVA! Crème Brûlée Petunia

03.10 VIVA! Lemon Zest and Orange Zest

03.10 Petunia Making Debut At Home Depot, Greenhouse Grower

03.10 Add Delicious Color with New 'Creme Brulee'

02.10 ‘Rhythm and Blues’ Helps Consumers Jazz Up Gardens

06.09 Green House Grower, Syngenta Flowers (VIVA! Varieties)

05.09 San Antonio Express News, Some Like It Hot - SunPatiens

05.09 Akron Beacon Journal, New bedding annuals improve on old favorites

05.09 Birmingham News, Tinkering Improves Your Garden Mainstays

05.09 Daily Press, Plant a Smile on Mother's Day

05.09 Tampa Bay online, Find bold new hues beyond the paint aisle

05.09 Greenhouse Grower online, VIVA! Meet 'TexMex' Geranium from VIVA!

04.09 greenPROFIT, BIG RED Geranium Part of Home Depot's VIVA! Line

04.09 Greenhouse Grower online, VIVA! Lands 'Tiger Eye' Rudbeckia

04.09 Greenhouse Grower online, Ball's Coleus Henna Now in VIVA! Line

04.09 Greenhouse Grower online, SunPatiens Expand with Three New Colors

03.09 Poinsettia Pointers - Gardening How-To

08.08 Ice Punch Poinsettia - ECKE

08.08 Ice Punch Poinsettia

07.08 SuperVinca- The Better Mousetrap

07.08 SuperVinca

06.08 Doublicious Hydrangea

06.08 Pennisetum Fireworks

04.08 Lemon Zest Color Blocking

04.08 24 Carat Vinca

04.08 Lemon Zest Petunia

03.08 Lisa Heredia promoted to Marketing Manager

03.08 New Compact Variety SunPatiens

10.06 Floragem wins Home Depot Product Innovation Award

12.06 Putting Punch in your holiday San Diego Union-Tribune, Dec. 13, 2006

11.06 The Weekly Dirt Nov. 7, 2006

11.06 Wollemi Pine, TIME Magazine Nov. 6, 2006

10.06 The Home Depot Innovation Award Oct. 2006

10.06 Floragem Recieves Innovation Award Oct. 17, 2006

10.06 Wollemi Pine, USA Today Oct. 6, 2006

08.06 We Have a Winner ! Southern Living, Sept. 2006

05.06 The Enquirer, Finds: For the Garden

05.06 Home Depot & Six Flags partner, feature SunPatiens, Six

05.06 SunPatiens, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

05.06 Home & Style

05.06 Home Depot, Six Flags in Marketing Partnership - parks to feature SunPatiens

04.06 APP Long-lasting Impatiens

04.06 Indystar - Impatiens get tough